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17 Metal-Bands and their awesome Cover-Design

I'd like to share 17 bands that I'm listening on my iPod, with 1 song and the cover of the album. I hope you can appreciate the sound and the art that they put on this.

Some years ago I started to notice the change on design-style of the covers of the new metal bands. While the tendence is to merge sounds to achieve new kinds of harmony (even if for some common people, metal is just noise), the bands are playing more with the new tendences of design and showing high levels of quality in graphic compositions. Remember those skulls, galons of blood, reverted-crosses and humans-suffering-almost-dying? Not any more, the level of abstraction has increased and the public is perceiving that.

#A Textbook Tragedy

A Textbook Tragedy cover


Achilles cover

#Attack Attack!

Attack Attack! cover

#Benea Reach

Benea Reach cover


Confide cover

#Fear Before the March of Flames

Fear Before the March of Flames cover


Gojira cover

#Norma Jean

Norma Jean cover

#Once Nothing

Once Nothing cover

#Opposition of One

Opposition of One cover

#Saints Never Surrender

Saints Never Surrender cover

#The Chariot

The Chariot cover

#The Human Abstract

The Human Abstract cover

#The Reptilian Complex

The Reptilian Complex cover

#Transistor Transistor

Transistor Transistor cover


Trenches cover

#Turns to Ashes

Turns to Ashes cover