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Using MAMP but without MAMP

So, you're a comfortable MAMP user, and everytime you need to run a localhost you have to open it, wait to initialize it's services and start coding, right? Well, maybe you don't know but you don't really need MAMP at all, but yeah, I know, it is easier than configurating yourself all the services.

You should know that, as it is an application, while it is open (and you don't use it, just use the services it manages like PHP, MySQL, Apache) it is sucking your CPU and RAM.

So, keep MAMP open just to use PHP, MySQL, Apache (A,M,P)? If this is your case, you should know this trick: you can actually quit MAMP (Force Quit Application) and it will keep running A,M,P because you force-quited MAMP, not the services: Choose Force Quit from the Apple menu (or press Command-Option-Esc)

You'll still be able to use your localhost :D